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I know this is, in part, a lucky hit. Not everyone using the same online dating strategy will be lucky enough to find ‘the one’ on their first date. But what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to be untrue to yourself. Yes, not ‘fitting in’ to the general online dating community makes you less likely to find a match than others who fit in better.

For HSPs, dreams are maps to their inner world and they value it as much as reality. Besides, you’ll be delighted by the adventures they have in their dreams. They might share with you the details of their dreams and when they do, treat them as something sacred. They know how annoying it is to some people when someone talks about dreams so they might be reluctant. However, even if you think you’re sensitive enough (or else they wouldn’t like you), there are just moments that make you scratch your head and sigh. It’s good to hear such stories and feel that there are people who feel the same.

You both get home from a long day at work – you fancy hanging out and watching a movie together, but your partner needs time and space to destress alone. Marriage is all about give and take, but when one needs more alone time than the other, it’s often a cause for conflict. According to Dr Aron’s bookThe Highly Sensitive Person In Love, at least 34% of love relationships involve an HSP. But nevertheless, here are three key ways that being anHSP can affect your dating life.

I often feel like I’m riding a unicycle on the line between craving personal space and adoring deep levels of connection. Since my energy ebbs and flows with the intensity of a small volcano, I often need some time to myself to enjoy solitude and be “mentally offline,” so to speak. Highly sensitive people, or HSPs for short, experience life on an amplified level, and our relationships follow suit. While enjoying one’s own company is healthy, if you’re dating a HSP you may feel as if your partner is not as interested in the relationship. Try to talk to them about this and express how you feel. As a kid, I dreamt of having a great marriage to my best friend and soul mate, the way some women dream about becoming a mother.

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Maybe you’ve found that active, high-energy dates aren’t for you, or staying out late with a new person is exhausting. Yet discomfort is a hurdle that must be overcome when dating. You can try to help your partner open up to you more often by initiating conversations in a non-judgemental way.

Some sites only allow simple searches until you pay for a membership, while others filter searches with a free account. Most accounts require you to pay up before messaging anyone. Your privacy is critical when it comes to dating with herpes. These sites know that your diagnosis is private and something you alone should choose to disclose. Because of this, they take many steps to protect your personal information, payment, and profile.

Things You Should Know About Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

If you have herpes, you can still have a successful dating life. Sullivan tells us that those living with herpes should “first talk with their partner and discuss what you are both comfortable with. You can still have fun as long as you are safe.” When you disclose your STD is up to you, but most advisors suggest the sooner the better. Then you and your partner can educate yourselves on how to have sex safely and comfortably. On your homepage, see a list of local matches — people who are nearby and match your basic search criteria. You can also view new profiles of other members who have just joined.

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#9 They are in tune with their surroundings. These people are maddeningly observant. They notice the fine details everywhere, in a way that others don’t.

And then, you worry you’ll never meet another person who wants to date you. It’s easy to get attached to the wrong person. You know, the one who ghosts you for a while and then shows back up with open arms giving you false hope only to vanish again in a few days. And at 41, I found real love with a partner who loves me for me. Highly sensitive people can be incredibly hard on themselves when they make mistakes or wrong decisions.

Some HSPs are more sensitive to physical touch

So you’re not dating defensively and with walls up. If you’re trying to break a pattern of dating the wrong person, look for someone who reminds you of your favorite person. If you are confused by the behavior of someone you’re dating and you can’t tell if they’re into you or not, let it go. Dating provides a training ground to learn those skills within the context of a relationship.

It can be easy for highly sensitive folks to feel disappointed if their consideration isn’t reciprocated. Since a HSP can feel very deeply, being a HSP can lead to overstimulation easily, with the nervous system going into overdrive, and burnout happening quickly. Chaotic environments with stimuli like loud noise, bright lights, and strong smells can be especially stressful for highly sensitive people. Trauma bonding happens when you become your date’s therapist. As a trained therapist and a careful listener, I could easily fall into this role with dates who had some healing to do.

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