Why Do Guys Ignore You If They Like You

You deserve to date someone who treats you like royalty, period. Wants you to change (by dressing differently or ditching your friends) that could be a sign they don’t really like you for you, and you deserve someone much better. Also, if your partner is constantly putting you down, or if their behavior towards you makes you question your self-worth, it’s time to say goodbye.

When a man genuinely feels like your hero, he’ll become more loving, attentive, and interested in being in a committed, long-term relationship with you. A man won’t fall in love with a woman when this thirst isn’t satisfied. Because it’s built into their DNA to seek out relationships that allow them to feel like a provider. For example, if you never talk on the phone and only text, but you’re getting nowhere with his texting, try picking up the phone to call him.

He wants to get his head around the fact that he is now one half of a loving partnership. He might be finding it difficult to be showing so much commitment at this moment in time. He knows he likes you and he knows you care about him, but what is worrying him is the future.

It’s very possible that he was talking to five other girls at the same time and it just clicked with someone else. Or maybe he was casually dating another girl when you started talking and they recently became official. OK, so if you’ve determined that he definitely is ignoring you, then this is the most likely reason. We talk a lot about why men withdraw emotionally from relationships (you can read about it here and here to start). If he isn’t your boyfriend, you can’t expect him to be emotionally available at all times. He isn’t your boyfriend so he doesn’t have those sorts of obligations, that’s the benefit of being in a non-exclusive relationship.

So, as hard as it might be to hear, if he’s ignoring you, it’s because he doesn’t want to get any deeper into this relationship. As I’ve mentioned before, guys aren’t into mind games. They don’t like to guess what a girl is thinking. Well, after going through difficulties in my own love life, I reached out to them a few months ago. After feeling helpless for so long, they gave me a unique insight into the dynamics of my relationship, including practical advice on how to overcome the issues I was facing. With a professional relationship coach, you can get advice tailored to the issues you’re facing in your love life.

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You want to give him some days to rethink his decision. You can talk to him over the phone and ask him to meet so you can talk. If you feel that you need to end the relationship. You need to show your detachment too yet be friendly enough to give him space to react. When you take his call, don’t ask him immediately why he has been ignoring you.

He’s Simply Busy

There’s no way these guys can find out they’re being tracked – and what they don’t know can’t hurt them. He’s telling you that your friends are better than him, and he doesn’t care about them. During the transition phase between the honeymoon stage and the “real life” stage, it can be hard to strike a proper balance between your personal life and your relationship. The result is one person feeling suffocated by the other. Before you assume this is the reasons he’s ignoring you, talk to him and find out what’s really going on.

Write it to us if your romantic life is on a rollercoaster ride with our practical experience and knowledge we will give you answers. To a man, a woman who is interested in him will come off as very easy and available. He wants a woman that he has to work for, just PositiveSingles search without registering a little bit. It’s that challenge that makes her more attractive to him. First, the more you push, the more he will pull back, because whatever his reason is, the pressure from you won’t help. Do not let your guy ignore you through his fears for the future.

The urge to win is why competition is an excellent tool in ignoring a guy and getting his attention. When a guy notices competition in someone he cares about or wants, he more than often showers attention. Some people love to be in control, which can be all that is needed to get their attention. Showing your worth is the best way to get a guy’s attention, and when you notice that he doesn’t want to treat you well, you can always take a step back. In the process of ignoring a guy you like, don’t try to make yourself mostly or fully available to a guy, as he would probably take that for granted.

But if you are really serious about a relationship then being honest is always the key. Once you are in a relationship often ignoring certain things to bring your partner’s attention to it helps. We hope you got the idea about the right ways to do it – that is ignoring someone you are attracted to.